Delhi Crime from Netflix surprised audiences when it debuted in 2019, debuting two episodes at the Sundance International Film Festival 

However, the applause was well-deserved. It was a dark, compelling series about a true story that involved not only a big mystery.

And the second season, which consists of just five episodes, is undoubtedly just as amazing despite being shorter.

The complex plot centers on a possible gang-related quadruple murder in a South Delhi bungalow.

The word of the day might be "frustrating," given how full the scenario is of hurdles, dead ends, deliberate obfuscation, competing motives, and intertwined political agendas.

This is as far apart from made-for-TV sensationalism as a docuseries could be from realism and bureaucracy.

Once more, the cast meets the challenge and explores the psychological and emotional strain of the work.

Delhi Crime Season 2 has kept everything that made the first season excellent, despite lacking the surprise of that season.

Delhi Crime has no desire for you to lose sight of how dismal everything is. It continues to be primarily a showcase for women.