happy easter 2022

Happy Easter 2022: Today i.e. on 17th April, Easter Sunday is being celebrated all over the world. Easter is one of the biggest festivals of the Christian community after Christmas. The people of the Christian community believe that on Good Friday, Jesus Christ returned on the day of Easter, that is, Jesus Christ was resurrected after the crucifixion. On Good Friday, sorrow is celebrated and on Easter, people of the Christian community celebrate happiness. Lord Jesus Christ lived on earth for about 40 days and taught his disciples the lesson of love and then went to heaven.

Happy Easter 2022: Why eggs are considered special on Easter?

That is, where people mourn on Good Friday, happiness returns on Easter. On Easter, people light candles in churches and homes, and Easter Feast is also organized on this day. Delicious and special dishes are prepared for Easter lunch.

As soon as the name of Easter comes to mind, colorful eggs and Easter Bunny come to mind. So let’s know their importance.

What are Easter Eggs?

Although many types of delicious dishes are made on the day of Easter, in the Easter Egg has its own special place. Children are especially excited about these colorful chocolate eggs. It is chocolate made in the shape of an egg that is hollow inside. Eggs are specially decorated on Easter day. Various artifacts are engraved on the eggs. On this occasion, people give each other eggs as a gift. Apart from this, the eggs are hidden, which the children look for. People celebrate eggs very auspicious because the message of new life and new vigor is hidden in them.

Learn the interesting story behind Easter

Fearing the miracles of Jesus Christ, the Son of God on earth, the Roman governor Pilate had him hanged on the mountain of Jerusalem. It is believed that after three days he was alive again. According to the Bible, Roman soldiers tortured Jesus and beat him with whips. A crown of thorns was placed on his head and he had also spit on him. Carrying his own cross on his back, he was taken to the hill where he was hung on the same cross.

That’s what Jesus Christ said at that time, too, “God God, forgive these people because they don’t know what they’re doing.” After death, he was buried in the grave. Three days after this incident, Mary Magdalena along with some other women came to pay homage to Jesus Christ. When she reached the tomb, she saw that the tombstone had moved and the tomb was empty.

Two angels were seen inside the tomb, who gave the good news of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. After this, Jesus himself gave his darshan to thousands of people for 40 days.

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