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F3 Movie Review: F3: Fun and Frustration is more of a sequel to F2: Fun and Frustration than a standalone game. Anil Ravipudi, who both wrote and directed the picture, takes us on another wild voyage with some of the characters from the first film, but in a different story. This is an unabashed “leave your brains at home and go have a laugh” flick. There are several references to current Telugu movies, and the fourth wall is repeatedly shattered. The tone is uneven, and some of the incidents are inane; the film alternates between being totally uninteresting and hilarious. F3, on the other hand, is a step forward from F2, with more laugh-out-loud moments.

F3 Movie Review

Venky (Venkatesh Daggubati) works at the RTO office and is looking for ways to generate money by taking shortcuts. His environment is stereotypical, and his stepmother (Tulasi) and siblings expect him to be nothing less than an ATM. Meanwhile, Varun Yadav (Varun Tej) is doing nothing and is followed by Sunil (who is returning to his comedic roots), who is urgently attempting to generate money. Tamannaah Bhatia, Mehreen Pirzada, Pragathi, Annapurna, and Y Vijaya play streetwise women who compete with the guys. Pradeep, on the other hand, adheres to anthega anthega and pulls a surprise in the end.

Other characters include Rajendra Prasad and Sampath Raj, who play police officials with their own agendas and storylines, Ali, who plays a moneylender who worships ladies and will do no harm to them, and Vennela Kishore, who plays a pan-India junior artiste.

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The first half-hour is fairly uninteresting. The fun begins in a tiny way when an unsuspecting couple gives Varun and Sunil a Vishwaroopam Kamal Haasan-style turn. Ravipudi progressively reveals a number of hat tricks. The events surrounding Venkatesh’s night blindness set the stage for a thrilling roller coaster ride. Varun’s stammer and the way he and others around him burst into a gig can be effective at times. Murali Sharma, the industrialist, is the lone character who has neither intention or time for dumb jokes.

When the tale switches to a palatial mansion, it’s reminiscent of the 1980s and 1990s comedy in which multiple characters try to outdo each other in a setting.

Unexpected individuals, such as a raucous sheeter who enters the palace and Satya who stumbles across…, provide some laugh-out-loud moments. Let’s not give anything away here and ruin the experience.

Tamannaah is thrown into unexpected situations by Sonal Chauhan and Pooja Hegde, who are brought in to add to the glamorous element. As a test, the humour around the taming of a fierce bull work. The one with Venkatesh is hilarious. Venkatesh’s family-friendly image is exploited by Ravipudi, who is effortlessly dazzling at every turn.

Despite the fact that the second half feels bloated and the music is unremarkable, the outrageous ending delivers even more amusing gags. The hilarity that rides on the rise of OTTs takes the cake. F3 pays homage to the superstars and blockbusters of current Telugu cinema.

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