Bhagya Lakshmi Written Update 27th June 2022

Written Update for Bhagya Lakshmi on June 27, 2022. Love from Lakshmi Before going to the court, Rishi takes Lakshmi to the doctor. Rishi is worried about Lakshmi’s ill health. A doctor looks over Lakshmi. She assures Rishi that it was only a mild acid attack brought on by stress and that as long as she gets enough rest, she will be okay. Rishi is curious as to what Lakshmi is holding back. He challenges her to tell the truth. Lakshmi informs him that she has agreed to be his wife for all upcoming pregnancies. She becomes enraged with Rishi. He moves furiously down the street. As a car speeds toward Rishi, Lakshmi frantically runs to try to save him. The Markesh are attacking him, she senses.

Ahana informs Neelam that she has a significant problem but is unsure how to approach her. Later, while still dressed in Lakshmi’s saree, Ahana prepares for her engagement. Gautam is concerned about both Ahana and Lakshmi, who are having a difficult time due to keeping Ahana’s secret hidden. He intends to tell his family the secret shortly. At sight, Malishka criticises her. She calls Lakshmi names. She claims that Lakshmi is a false girl who constantly acts well. She is urged to cease by Ahana. She continues by saying she won’t tolerate any criticism of Lakshmi. She questions Malishka’s authority to speak on Lakshmi.

Gautam first meets the family earlier in the programme. Ahana reports that Gautam dropped her off at home. If he has spoken to his parents, Ahana queries Gautam. Gautam claims he was unable to communicate with them. Sonia promises to inform them that she is okay to tease them. She offers them a glass of lemonade. They get her pardon. Ahana is anxious, and she informs Karishma. Neelam walks over to Ahana in concern. Ahana requests Gautam to make things right. Gautam confesses that he is uncertain of his parents’ reactions. Ahana claims she doesn’t want to begin a relationship based on lies; instead, she wants to reveal the truth and make a fresh start.

Bhagya Lakshmi  Written Update 27th June 2022

Ahana informs Gautam that she does not want to begin their relationship with deception. She is quite uptight. Gautam notices Neelam’s approach. She is incredibly attractive, he assures her, and even his parents adore her. Neelam queries Ahana over the issue. According to Gautam, who claims that Ahana is anxious about her facial, women are never content when it comes to makeup. Neelam compliments Ahana on how beautiful she looks. Gautam goes on vacation. Ahana doesn’t let up. Lakshmi receives a checkup. Is she alright? Rishi inquires. Is everything normal? She queries the physician. He seems to care about his wife sincerely.

The doctor tells him to calm down since Lakshmi may be experiencing mental stress owing to an acid attack brought on by stress. She requests that Rishi give Lakshmi the medications. Rishi chastises Lakshmi for bothering him. He expresses concern for her and his belief that she is suffering. The doctor enjoys their amusing arguments. She describes them as the ideal husband and wife team. Lakshmi and Rishi have a loving relationship. The doctor advises Lakshmi to take the medications and recover quickly. Lakshmi notices that Rishi is carrying a lot for her. She is joyful. Ahana searches her house for Lakshmi. Lakshmi is nowhere to be found. Since the engagement is set to take place and Gautam hasn’t spoken to his parents yet, she needs to inform Lakshmi.

She requests Lakshmi’s opinion. Neelam queries Ahana about what is wrong, stating that Lakshmi is unlucky for them and that she shouldn’t have taken her name. She inquires as to Ahana’s happiness with Gautam. She is aware that Gautam was lying, and the situation is serious. The situation is critical, according to Ahana. Neelam prompts her to share her concerns. Before the engagement, Ahana claims she urged Gautam to do some tasks, but he refused. What did she ask Gautam, Neelam queries? Ahana tells her lies. She explains that she had planned to match their wedding attire, but Gautam changed his mind and upset her. She is urged not to worry by Neelam. Again, Ahana inquires about Lakshmi. She is yelled at harshly by Neelam, who also begs her not to bring up Lakshmi again.

Ahana wants Neelam to know that Lakshmi’s concealment of the pregnancy reality has preserved their family’s honour. Lakshmi should leave their home as soon as possible, according to Neelam. She counsels Ahana to focus on herself rather than Lakshmi. She requests that Ahana prepares for the engagement. Ahana attempts to contact Lakshmi. As it is her engagement day, Karishma requests that Ahana put the phone down and choose the jewellery. Dadi amuses everyone by practising her dance moves. Ayush requests the medications from Dadi. Dadi spanks the man. They play a humorous scene.
Ayush also promises to dance with her, but to a different song. Ayush and Dadi dance. Dadi is praised for her strong stamina at her advanced age. He enquires after Rishi because he misses all the excitement and should even work on his dance moves. Rishi and Lakshmi are both away, so Malishka tells him to forget about them. She believes that because Lakshmi is away, Rishi is taking care of them once more because she is performing in a play. She claims that despite being a wonderful person, Rishi frequently falls into traps. Neelam states that only a few days remain. Ayush is in pain. Lakshmi, who had formerly been his best friend, had his trust. He describes her as a characterless person and a liar.

Lakshmi appeals to Dadi. When she hears the family members criticising Lakshmi, she becomes agitated. She says she’ll go practise her solo dance performance and then go. Lakshmi and Rishi arrive at the court. Lakshmi’s phone goes dead. She observes the cracked phone screen. The image of Rishi and Lakshmi’s wedding is displayed. She is reminded of her marriage by the photo. Rishi discovers her frozen and goes to investigate. What is she seeing, Rishi queries? She receives the phone when he picks it up. He explains that while the phone can be healed, their relationship cannot be because she caused the rift. He expresses his disinterest in her. She inquires as to whether he is concerned for her.

Neelam makes Gautam’s mother an urgent call to come over. Ahana can now meet Gautam’s parents. According to Gautam’s mother, he wasn’t prepared till today. Neelam calls for their speedy arrival. Gautam is not yet prepared. He greets his folks while looking tense. They inquire about the situation after realising anything is amiss. They are frightened by Gautam’s quiet. Then he says that he needs to share something with them. The aarti plate is knocked over. His mother considers it a terrible omen. For Lakshmi, Gautam becomes concerned. Lakshmi doesn’t matter to Rishi, he says. She requests that he gaze into her eyes and assure her that he is not concerned about her. He says it again. She is unwilling to accept his claims. He repeats it once more as he looks into her eyes. She wants him to tell the truth without making up anything.

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