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Highlights from the Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard verdict: Amber Heard has been found guilty of defamation by a jury, and she has been ordered to pay $15 million in damages. In Amber’s countersuit, Johnny Depp was also ordered to pay $2 million.

In the trial of Hollywood actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, jurors have made a decision. During the defamation trial, the ex-couple accused each other of abusing each other.

The verdict will be read at 3 p.m. ET in Fairfax County Circuit Court in Virginia (12.30 am IST on Thursday).

Johnny had sued his ex-wife Amber for $50 million, claiming that she defamed him in a newspaper opinion piece when she dubbed herself  “a public figure representing domestic abuse.” Amber launched a $100 million countersuit, saying that he defamed her by labelling her a liar.

Amber Heard is ‘heartbroken,’ according to her

Amber Heard issued a statement in response to the verdict, stating that she was “disappointed” and “heartbroken” by the result. “I’m sorry I lost this case,” she expressed her disappointment.

The ‘jury gave me my life back,’ according to Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp claimed he was humbled by the verdict and that the “jury handed me my life back” in a statement. He went on to say that he was now at ease.

Outside the courtroom, there were cheering crowds for Johnny Depp

Crowds cheering for Johnny Depp outside the courthouse, according to Law and Crime Channel. The audience assembled outside the courthouse clapped whenever a ruling in Johnny’s favour was streamed on the screen outside.

In a countersuit, Johnny Depp was ordered to pay $2 million

In Amber’s countersuit against Johnny Depp, the jury found him guilty on some counts of defamation. Compensation of $2 million was demanded of the actor.

Amber Heard was ordered to pay $15 million in damages.

Amber Heard has been ordered to pay $10 million in compensatory damages and $5 million in punitive damages by a jury.

Johnny Depp is the winner of a defamation case

Amber Heard was found guilty of defamation by a jury, and Johnny Depp was able to prove he was defamed.

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